Professional and extremely friendly, that is how I would sum up The Kefir Company. My family and I have been using kefir for over a year and feel the quality of the product is top notch. The service is informative and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.

Dealing with The Kefir Company brightens my day in two ways, a friendly smile and conversation, and knowing that I am purchasing a product that will provide my young family a high degree of nutritional benefits.

JW – Milford, Auckland

For any one who is looking for a natural support for their digestive system, this is the product for you. I am totally amazed at the difference it has made for me, one small glass a day or if I am a little stressed I have two as my system seems to freeze with stress, not any more.

I cannot thank Anita enough for introducing YCW Kefir to me (nothing better than having a normal routine in the morning) also the quick turnaround on the ordering of product.

JL – Birkenhead, Auckland

I first met Anita earlier this year (2011) and was immediately impressed by her knowledge of the relationship between food and health and her enthusiasm for her subject. I was looking for a natural digestive support and was very interested in kefir with all its health benefits but was unable to take it because of my dairy allergies. When Anita told me that the kefir that she and her husband, Terry, make uses the water from young coconuts instead of dairy, I was delighted and immediately ordered some.

Terry and Anita have a well-planned business. They do all the hard work of making the kefir and sell it in convenient packs which last me about a month. The kefir itself is absolutely delicious and has amazing health benefits. I had to come off it for a couple of weeks before having a test recently and really missed it!

Anita and Terry are always super-friendly and helpful and I have no hesitation at all in recommending them to others. I wish them all the very best with their business.

CP – Takapuna, Auckland

I’ve been taking a daily dose of kefir for over a year now and my overall well being has never been better. It’s certainly helped support me during the winter months of ills and chills and I get heaps of compliments about my skin – even though I’m of a ‘mature’ age.  The Kefir Company is wonderful to deal with and their passion for their product is certainly an endorsement to the benefits it provides.

KC – Mt Albert, Auckland

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