the BATCH…….

Represents the “best bang for buck” when purchasing our KEFIR 

Honestly, you’ll be amazed at this stuff.

Try googling ‘young coconut water kefir’ for more info.

What will I get??…

A standard batch consists of;

> 1x 1000ml Glass “Mother” Bottle

> 4x 800ml Frozen “Child” Containers

The CHILD is thawed and used to reinoculate the MOTHER bottle.

OK, what will it cost me?…

Initial batch cost is $115.00 + $20.00 for a glass & plastic container bond (refundable) + any delivery/return costs

Ongoing per batch cost is $115.00

Discounted prices for purchasing more batches at same time

Rightio, how do you get it to me?

Pick up from Albany, Auckland.
(with appointment please)

Overnight Courier.

RD and special addresses may require pick up from courier depot (remember it’s frozen items being delivered).


Contact me (Anita) with any questions or orders