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  • Yes, we are open for business.

    Please email us any questions you may have.

    Include your contact details and we will ring you back (or email).

    Just let us know how and when suits.

    Call back offer only valid within New Zealand national calling area. Sorry chasps.

  • Honestly, you'll be amazed at this stuff.

    Try googling 'young coconut water kefir' for more info.

    As our site develops, I'll get more actual info pages onto here.

  • OK, what will it do for ME?

    Some benefits of taking YCW Kefir MAY include...

    > support the nervous system and the body's response to cravings for sugar/carbs

    > aids the normal digestion of your food (add it to your green smoothies :-))

    > supports healthy intestines and internal organs

    > may assist regular bowel function, natural cleansing of the colon

    > supports a healthy immune system

  • more benefits MAY include...

    > increasing energy levels and promoting an overall feeling of good health

    > supports the cleansing of the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries)

    > useful support to help balance moods

    > helping with normal menstruation

    > help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails

      Always read the label and use as directed  

  • What will I get??...

    A standard batch consists of;

    > 1x 1000ml Glass "Mother" Bottle

    > 4x 800ml Frozen "Child" Containers

    The CHILD is thawed and used to reinoculate the MOTHER bottle.

    On average, this will last 32 days (at half a cup per day) = approx $3.43 per day.

  • OK, what will it cost me?...

    Initial batch cost is $110.00 + $20.00 for a glass & plastic container bond (refundable) + any delivery/return costs.

    Ongoing per batch cost is $110.00.

    Discounted prices for purchasing more batches at same time.

    Consider Co-op purchasing.

    Requires 1 invoice + 1 delivery address.

  • Rightio, how do you get it to me?

    Pick up from Albany, Auckland.
    (with appointment please)

    Overnight Courier.

    RD and special addresses may require pick up from courier depot (remember it's frozen items being delivered).